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blind... by shotsfiredimagedown

This photo evokes the image of a blind child, alone, afraid, and left to die. What brings to mind this image in my mind is the melting ...


KuroManga rendered in other styles!

Kiah Sabra, by Ravenna-LaLune
Kiah Sabra colored by Ravenna-LaLune

TiZaku by GerraFox77
Free commision: Tizaku by GerraFox77

Makiu and TiZaku, by deadrabbit13
Tizaku and Makiu by deadrabbit13

Zaku, by Gore-Font
Art Trade- Zaku by Gore-Font

Kado by Makami Kitsune:

first ever Kado by otakuchaos


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Espen Damek Kirovich
United States
Creator of KuroManga, Logic Century and other related works.
Founder of Fifth Dimension Studios, Sept. 2006.

I am stalked by FedEx trucks!!---> FedEx by rotemass

Blue Bird= WIN.

How a Blue Bird is made-->…

_America Needs Buses_

Look- it's a bus!
|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| \__
|----(@)---------------\__(@) |

No matter how you look at it Synchronicity is always Synchronicity:
Synchronicity by AnneliCyambl

|/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\ ||____
|_____ 5th-D-S _____| |||'""|'"\___,
| _dis truck is en route! |/l||__|__|__|)
|(@)(@)""""""""""""'(@)(@) -------- (@)

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stuff... and things

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 30, 2014, 11:01 PM
I just finished watching the final season of Legend of Korra...

the end scene... yeah, I see what everyone was talking about Korra and Asami being a gay couple... but because the show is on a network aired for kids, they couldn't actually depict them kissing.
America, sadly, isn't yet ready for that.

anyways... in other news...

I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas, and a copy of Skyrim...
I have spent the better part of the last four days logging hours on Skyrim.
--I've been home sick for the last two days, unwilling to do any more than sit around and watch movies or play games...

aside from an Xbox I mostly got art supplies for Christmas.

I used my PayPal money from recent ebay sales to buy the first 3 seasons of Legend of Korra on DVD. I also bought Cast Away.
(my parents would have bought them, had they done any online shopping, but they waited until the last minute this year, so they only went to local stores, none of whom carry any of the DVDs I just mentioned in their regular stock in store-I know, I've looked.)

in other news...

I have even more new stuff, on top of my already daunting pile of backlog, to write and draw for KuroManga... I have had plenty of new Ideas, but can't seem to translate them from my head to media... mostly I just don't FEEL like sitting down and working on anything... In fact... this drawing of Reyzu and Nami(below) took me a month and a half to finally sit down and draw...
The concept for these two characters originally came to me upon waking from a dream, and then a later vision I had while showering. My problem with art lately isn't finding inspiration... it is finding the energy and motivation to USE the inspiration that comes to me daily.

Soulmates by xxStolen-soulsxx

I am still inspired by Zen, and I still find Zen in everything...

Super Nova Zen Sun by xxStolen-soulsxx

so then.... why do I feel so DISCONNECTED from everything??
It's worse now that I am sick... but I could tell that this disconnection was there before I got ill.

So what is the cause of this disconnected feeling?
all of the times I can recount this happening to me before were as a part of my OCD/Bi-Polar patterns...

I would become obsessed with something, (anything, a fandom, an object, an idea, a spiritual path...) and while obsessed become manic... when this wore off and I became disinterested(or something disastrous happened, like the incidents leading up to my termination from Ground) I would become disinterested and disconnected from everything... I know I have written about this in my poetry before... often the disconnect was casued by sadness, or depression, or in many cases, I would "give up on" whatever I was obsessed with for whatever reason, be it(in the case of some physical objects) an inability to obtain what I wanted, or in the case of an idea or philosophy I went as far as I could with it, and it no longer could feed my need for new information on the subject.

Those of you who know me, and I mean ACTUALLY and truly KNOW me... would know that EVERYTHING I have ever been interested in has at one point in my life or another been one of my obsessions.

a fine example of this would be buses, and yes, the Tugs.
why else would I have taken an interest in these things?

well, apparently, liking buses isn't all that uncommon, but I think I corner the market on weird, even among other transit fans...
for me it goes beyond, "hey that's cool"

for me it is literally "every waking and dreaming moment" devoted to whatever has possessed my passion.
when i am in this state of mind, I literally have every other thought about whatever I am "in love" with (OCD and love share the same chemical profile in the human brain) I wrote a poem about that, too.

but when my dopamine receptors become burnt out from all that euphoria, I become disconnected from everything... eventually I become interested in something new and that in turn causes my brain to begin created the high levels of dopamine again...

(I notice I always end up answering my own stupid questions...)

The question then becomes, How do I circumnavigate this cycle of obsession-related euphoria, and the later ensuing depression? How do I re-wire my brain to NOT do this? Without taking harsh chemicals, such as mood stabilizers? (Chemicals are the reason my brain is so fucked up to begin with... not illegal drug or alcohol, but multiple exposures to anesthetics and other pharma-chemicals during infancy and early development)

I once had a realization that in order to do away with the particular struggles of my life, I would have to completely erase and rewrite who I am as a person... But I like who I am... my quest isn't to eliminate the strife in my life, it is to bring more harmony and balance in my life...

I was meditating at work, while still at FedEx Ground, and one of my co-workers saw me sitting in the lotus position on the back of one of the Tugs. He asked me "What are you doing?" I smirked and replied jokingly, "Looking for some Zen."

Little did I know then, that I was about to find ZEN in a place no one, not even myself, would expect to find it.

I found it in a Cushman Tug, quite literally.
Take a look... (the photo is of the motor in my Tug I bought from ebay)

ZEN by xxStolen-soulsxx

Ironically I didn't discover this until after I had finalized the purchase.

After this, I began to see Zen in all things...(not as literally, though)

but even with such a wonderful experience, my brain chemistry remains the same, it is just as unbalanced as ever... the only thing that is different today than one year ago today, is the fact that I am more aware of the patterns. This knowledge may help me to cope, but certainly does not magically make the underlying chemical imbalances change.

so, I still feel disconnected from reality, and numbed to everything around me. Even the things I cherish the most.

  • Mood: I Have To Pee
  • Watching: YOU
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: dirt
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola

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